The Science
of Compliance

Artificial intelligence-driven compliance solutions to manage risk efficiently and affordably.

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Compliance that's automated,
powered by AI and API-driven to meet your unique business needs.

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Automated KYC for a swift and smooth onboarding process

Let us take care of your KYC needs with our AI-powered solutions. Identity verification just got smarter, with facial recognition, liveness detection and document authentication.

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Minimise false positives with intelligent sanctions screenings

Manage your risk with our real-time sanctions screening. Our AI-driven technology reduces false positives, while always flagging the real risks to your business.

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Identify politically exposed persons effortlessly

Improve your PEP screening with AI on our rich, structured PEP data for better, faster results.

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Manage client risk effectively while maximising automatic processing

Automate your client risk assessment procedure, where we tailor our AI solution to suit your unique approach to scoring risk, no matter how complex.

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Track adverse media with the latest in machine technology

Use the power of AI to enrich your search for adverse media. Our solution ensures that only relevant information which presents a risk to your business will be ranked and presented in the enhanced due diligence process.

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Detect suspicious behaviour with ongoing financial monitoring

Stay one step ahead of money laundering with our machine-driven solution geared to expose irregular activity which could put you and your clients at risk.

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What makes us unique?

  • Powerful automated risk management

    Maximise the automation of compliance processes, while ensuring that risk is effectively managed and nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Minimise false positives using AI

    Intelligent solutions ensure that you receive fewer false alerts, letting you review only what is really relevant to your business risk.

  • Modern tech solution with flexible API

    Enjoy the benefits of a flexible and modern technology stack, which is API-driven, so that it can integrate seamlessly into your business systems, whether you’re a big institution or a nimble fintech.

  • Cost effective solutions you can trust

    Get the best in AI-driven compliance solutions at cost-effective prices without sacrificing on quality and putting your business at risk.

What do our clients think?

  • "RelyComply feels like magic compared to our existing solutions. I can't believe the degree of automation that is achieved while still effectively managing risk."

    Senior Manager Compliance
    Global Bank
  • "Compliance only got involved at the last minute and we were deeply concerned that the implementation speed and cost of existing solutions was going to kill the project. RelyComply helped us overcome these challenges and get to market."

    African fintech company
  • "The AI that RelyComply uses in its AML solution is next-level. It picks up truly anomalous behaviour while keeping false positive down to a minimum."

    Anti-money laundering
    compliance officer

    Global Bank

Where can we revolutionise compliance?

  • Banking
  • Lending
  • Insurance
  • Fintech
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Payments
  • Investments
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Gaming

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