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Let us meet all your KYC and AML/CTF compliance needs with our next generation AI powered solution.

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Spend a little time in big corporations or even small fintechs and startups and it soon becomes apparent that implementing a risk management and compliance programme is no small feat. Existing solutions are often outdated, with little in the way of automation and utilisation of modern AI tools.

Companies without seamless digital onboarding are suffering troublesome declines in new business whilst companies are almost universally seeing an increase in fraud and money laundering that is causing financial losses, reputational damage and increased compliance workloads. In order to tackle this, many companies are turning to end-to-end solutions for KYC and AML that are API accessible, for easy integration into their digital onboarding processes, and powered by Artificial Intelligence to minimize false positive rates whilst maximising the detection of fraud and money laundering.

RelyComply was born in response to this pressing challenge. We recognised the need for compliance solutions within the financial services industry which are automated, possess the capabilities of AI-powered technology and are easily embeddable into any business system as a result of API-driven flexibility.

We are developing solutions which are scalable, meeting the rising needs of rapidly growing businesses and businesses embarking on digital transformation journeys, and solutions which are easily integratable, without fears of having to rebuild current business systems.

We are constantly researching cutting edge technology and how it can be incorporated into our products, ensuring that our solutions are affordable, where even small fintechs can have access to modern technology for smart, fast and affordable compliance.

This is our vision, and this is exactly what we have built, and continue to invest in: a reliable, cost-effective, rapid and hassle-free next generation AI powered solution which takes care of all your KYC and AML/CTF compliance needs.

We’d love to show you how our products can meet all your KYC and AML/CTF compliance needs with our next generation AI powered solution.

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