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We are transforming compliance into an advanced smart, smooth and automated process which frees up time for your business to get back to business.

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Spend a little time in big corporations or even small fintechs and startups and it soon becomes apparent that implementing a compliance strategy is no small feat, while performing compliance checks and ongoing monitoring is a herculean task indeed. Existing solutions are often outdated, with little in the way of automation and utilisation of modern AI tools. Business life is busy enough without having to add the stress of manual or backward compliance processes, which squander valuable time and cause their fair share of headaches.

RelyComply was born in response to this pressing problem. We recognised the need for compliance solutions which are automated, possess the capabilities of AI-powered technology and are easily embeddable into any business system as a result of API-driven flexibility. We wanted solutions which were scalable, meeting the rising needs of rapidly growing businesses. We wanted solutions which were integratable, without fears of having to rebuild current business systems. We wanted solutions which were affordable, where even small fintechs can have access to modern technology for smart, fast and affordable compliance.

This was our vision, and this is exactly what we built ㅡ a reliable, rapid and hassle-free solution which takes care of your compliance, so you can get back to work on building your business. From big institutions in the banking industry, to small fintechs, we have experience across the board. Embrace the new era of AI and get in touch with us about your compliance needs today.