Identity Verification

    Intelligent, Proven and Reliable Identity Verification

    Automate identity verification with our facial recognition tools, liveness checks and government verification, while helping you quickly onboard more customers, prevent online fraud and simplify your KYC/AML compliance processes.

    Customers are interacting with your business in ways they have never done before. They’re using multiple channels, different devices and becoming more varied as technology continues to evolve. Whether they are interacting in person, by phone, online or through a mobile app, they expect immediate, convenient and safe access.

    Employ RelyComply’s intelligent technology to automate the online identity verification process while delivering high accuracy rates. Convert more customers faster and dramatically reduce abandonment rates with automated, highly accurate and user-friendly identity verification solutions.

    Get definitive answers in mere milliseconds while removing the obstacles that stand between good customers and your business. Verify the digital identities of your customers, anytime and anywhere, with the device that’s always with them: their smartphones.

    Our identity verification solutions leverage the combination of extensive identity intelligence, advanced analytics and intuitive technology to accelerate identity authentication across multiple channels. Automate your identity verification process with our facial recognition tools, liveness detection without the need for video, document authentication, AI-powered text extraction (OCR), and integration into trusted government and non-governmental sources for enhanced identity authentication.

    Transaction Monitoring

    Intelligent Next Generation Transaction Monitoring providing you with insight into your customers and their behaviour

    Stay ahead with our real-time transaction monitoring solution, which allows you to manage the detection, investigation and monitoring of suspicious transactions. Better identify changes in behaviour and be alerted to money laundering scenarios with deeper insight into the risk patterns. Utilize a comprehensive rule set that monitors your transaction data based on suspicious activity patterns, allowing you to identify high-risk transactions as they occur, or monitoring retrospectively through our replay feature.

    At RelyComply our approach to transaction monitoring includes utilising a combination of rule-based monitoring, supervised learning and unsupervised learning. This gives you the ability to include traditional rules that create an event based on a pre-defined scenario, while simultaneously leveraging machine learning. The supervised machine learning models are trained off either existing or simulated data, while unsupervised machine learning allows for automated hyper segmentation, anomaly detection and cluster analysis.

    Only by gaining a holistic view of customer behaviour, can you make more informed, faster decisions. Explore the related transaction data and gain clearer insight into the risk patterns of all parties involved.

    By consolidating associated alerts you can reduce the amount of alerts your team has to review and leverage historical activity to spot patterns before they turn into risk.

    Detect indicators of potential money laundering in real-time, with our AI-powered stream based solution, which is tailored to your particular business needs. Our solution continually identifies unusual financial activity with ease, allowing you the opportunity to further investigate only truly suspicious behaviour. It can handle large volumes through our scalable cloud platform, and is able to handle both real-time and batch processing. Enable your compliance team to monitor transactions in order to catch anomalies at both transaction and entity levels, while making use of a combination of rules-based approaches and advanced artificial intelligence methods for novel outlier detection and to learn from past suspicious activity. Combine human and AI capabilities to minimise risk while maximising efficiency and leveraging our AI-based entity resolution technology to link customer profiles across different data sets and better understand transaction flows using link analysis.

    Payments Screening

    Fast and Reliable Transaction and Payment Screening providing a flexible and accurate way to detect sanctioned and embargoed payments

    RelyComply enables banks and financial institutions to protect against possible sanctioned transactions and reduce false-positives by filtering transactions using advanced algorithms. Screen suspicious financial transactions in real-time and stop high risk transactions as they happen. Use whitelisting to further reduce false positives, so that alerts are as relevant as possible.

    Accountable institutions are responsible for screening cross-border transactions that could trigger hits against sanctions watchlists. Accountable institutions are spending more time, money and resources investigating false positives as transaction volumes and worldwide cross-border money transfer activities increase. Missing an alert that is a true positive can have severe regulatory and reputational consequences.

    Conducting transaction screening in line with AML regulations frequently involves analyzing and managing significant volumes of content.

    By harnessing the combined power of natural language processing and text analytics, data can be structured and categorized. RelyComply’s transaction screening makes use of natural language processing (NLP) for data inspection, which enables the identification and management of all parties involved in payments, and compares the payment information against a predefined set of reference data of your choice. The learning system remembers recurring parties but will continue to monitor them for changes in the reference data.

    With RelyComply, review activity, manage alerts and meet the requirements of regulators, correspondent banks and auditors with a user-friendly interface. Implement in just days with our industry-leading API, syncing case management seamlessly with your internal systems.

    Watchlist Screening

    Intelligent Watchlist screening providing accurate and reliable detection of potentially sanctioned and politically exposed customers

    Stay on top of changes in risk status, with our industry-leading coverage of politically exposed persons, offering dynamic identification of new risks. Screen against our global database of Sanctioned and Politically Exposed Persons, in consolidated and structured profiles, and reduce risk while complying with AML/KYC regulations. Through RelyComply you are able to access a global network of PEP lists providing extensive international coverage. Our PEP lists are curated daily, with a comprehensive list of PEP data on foreign prominent public officials and domestic prominent influential persons.

    Maximise watchlist screening efficiencies and minimize delays tied to false positives, which pose a big challenge for accountable institutions. Avoid breaching international, domestic and sectoral sanctions, by making use of real-time and batch screening against our comprehensive sanctions data. Our solution enables financial institutions to comply with internal, domestic and

    international regulations by identifying politically exposed and sanctioned individuals, by rapidly screening, detecting and tracking probable individuals. Our watchlists, including sanctions and PEP lists, are continually and automatically updated. They also support screening against multiple external lists. We offer the capability to add your own blacklists or whitelists by jurisdiction and product type.

    Intentional or accidental typos, scanning errors and alternative spellings will lead to deviations in names and terms. Despite this, our intelligent screening technology makes it possible to match against entries on sanctions lists. Our watchlist screening solution combines the extensive coverage of a myriad of global and domestic watchlists, intelligent screening technology, using our advanced AI-powered data unification tools, and which is API-enabled with a web-based user interface for case management.

    Client Risk Assessment and Enhanced Due Diligence

    Accurate and up to date adverse media, keeping you informed of the potential risks your customers pose to you

    Enhanced due diligence is a cornerstone of the risk-based approach. Higher risk entities require both enhanced due diligence and enhanced on-going monitoring, in order to ensure compliance and mitigate the risk from financial crime.

    Organisations need a well-defined risk adjusted process for financial crime compliance due diligence which helps to ensure a positive customer experience for high, medium and low risk customers. Supporting enhanced due diligence processes should rely on expansive and rich data. Coupled with the right technology and analytics, this will help to find hidden risks and unseen relationships.

    RelyComply’s enhanced due diligence capabilities aggregate consumer, business and risk data into a single portal, helping organisations to investigate higher risk individuals, remediate alerts quickly and confidently clear false positives. Be alert to changes in customer risk status, with automated adverse information and media monitoring.

    Our CDD/EDD solution, with its advanced features, reduces the workload of your due diligence teams, by enabling them to more efficiently risk assess new and existing customers in line with domestic and international regulations. Accountable institutions can customize CRA rules and calculations applicable to the countries they are operating in.

    Our solution enables you to consolidate your customer information from disparate systems during verification and gain a dynamic risk assessment for greater resource allocation and faster on-boarding decisions. RelyComply’s CRA and EDD solution enables you to conduct further research into those individuals who have political exposure and influence, to identify and understand relationships between individuals, companies, governments and other entities, to flag and review stakeholders in businesses, and trigger beneficial owner thresholds, and to be able to establish and assess any risk associated with a client including political exposure and negative media.

    Adverse Media

    Accurate and up to date adverse media, keeping you informed of the potential risks your customer pose to you

    Enhance your due diligence workflow with rich adverse media insights, while reducing time spent contending with fake news and unverified news sources to gain a more accurate profile of the adverse media risk. Adverse media screening is a critical component of financial anti-crime measures adopted by banks and financial institutions, as regulators across the globe, from Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (USA) to European Commission (EU), Financial Conduct Authority (UK) and several others, are enforcing strict requirements on the same. It is mandatory during onboarding to conduct know your client (KYC) checks and ongoing monitoring as part of customer due diligence (CDD).

    The risks associated with conducting business with persons or companies having an adverse media profile are many and varied. Adverse media checks can reveal involvement with corruption, financial fraud, financial threat, organized financial crime, financial terrorism and more. These links pose a serious threat to institutions' reputations and can lead to legal repercussions, especially if these firms operate within a regulated sector.

    In this fast-paced media landscape, a process reliant on user-initiated searches cannot compete with automated approaches that notify institutions when there is something of interest.

    By using next generation technology to easily tailor searches to your client profiles and regulatory requirements, adverse media can be harnessed to give you a deeper insight into your clients. We compile disparate data into consolidated, structured profiles, with clear traceable source data. Have the context to make the right risk decisions with a single comprehensive profile, enhanced with the most up to date Adverse Media and AML / CTF information. It is essential to gather all details about a customer, or prospect to be onboarded as a customer, including any negative information about them so that the bank and financial institution can take a risk-based approach on the relationship with such a customer.

    Technology has enabled us to access staggering volumes, variety and velocity of news and information from around the world. At RelyComply we leverage Machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) based innovations to transform the negative news screening function, with automated advanced matching, monitoring and adjudication of search results. Intelligent matching solutions can strengthen adverse media screening as contextual matching capability ensures that only news articles where the intended customer is mentioned in a negative light generate alerts. Risk events and indicators for search include adverse news in categories like legal, criminal, financial, regulatory, reputational, environmental, social and other breaches.