Know Your Customer

    For improved and accurate KYC using the full capabilities of AI

    The process of knowing your customer, or KYC, is not simply about ticking a compliance box through verifying the identity of a new client. It is about ensuring your protection and managing your risk when engaging in new business. The reality, unfortunately, is a laborious process, riddled with errors and oversights.

    Take the manual labour out of your KYC and simultaneously enhance your customer onboarding experience with the best in modern AI solutions.

    Let us automate your onboarding compliance strategy, as we integrate our facial recognition tools, liveness detection and document authentication into your systems. For your customers, it’s as quick as snapping a few pics.

    A new customer is always a cause for celebration, but it can be a slog when it comes to onboarding. Do away with the delay, while still safeguarding the future of your business.

    Sanctions Screening

    For quick and effective sanctions screening that minimises false alerts

    Sanctions are imposed by governments, financial institutions or international bodies for a reason – to protect your business from the threat of relations with particular individuals, groups, companies or even countries. When undertaking sanctions screening, the idea is to raise alerts when a client is not deemed suitable for business, often for criminal or ethically dubious conduct.

    The process is complicated by the fact that sanctions lists are ever-changing and each sanctioning body has its own list with its own set of sanctions. Our AI-driven solution offers continuous screening of the latest sanctions lists for swift and accurate detection of any real risks. False positives waste valuable time and our machine optimisation minimises these unnecessary alerts, while removing the need for manual checks.

    Sanctions screening doesn’t have to be complicated with our automated AI compliance solution that radically reduces false positives, while ensuring that you get to the bottom of any real threats.

    PEP Screening

    For simple and reliable PEP screening that embraces modern intelligence

    Identifying politically exposed persons is crucial in your enhanced due diligence process and credit risk assessment. Such persons function in public office in some capacity, such as legislative, military or judicial positions, and could present a risk to your business on account of their political ties and authority. The list of those who are politically exposed is continually in flux, requiring constant attention and accurate monitoring.

    Use the powers of AI to drive your PEP screening, ridding your strategy of human error and lengthy manual processes. Our automated solution vastly reduces false positives, while accurately identifying those who might pose a risk to your business.

    PEP screening can be easy when using AI-powered solutions, for compliance processes that are swift, precise and minimise the time lost to false alerts.

    Client Risk Assessment

    For swift and tailored client risk assessments for your specific business needs

    Every business has a slightly different approach to determining the risk in onboarding a particular client, some of which are exceedingly complicated. Typically, the process entails calculating a risk score for the client, which may, in turn, dictate whether an enhanced due diligence needs to be conducted.

    Given the complexity of the process, coupled with the sheer volume of documentation and oftentimes high number of customers, client risk assessment can become an arduous task indeed. Our machine technology automates the procedure, guaranteeing a speedy assessment while protecting your business from unnecessary risk.

    Assess client risk without wasting your valuable resources on a task which becomes increasingly time-consuming as your business grows. Our smart solutions will take the pain out of the process.

    Adverse Media

    For rapid and on-going adverse media monitoring that protects your business

    As part of the enhanced due diligence process, it is recommended that adverse media tracking be performed, to safeguard against entering into relations with questionable and disreputable clients. Generally, information is collated from an array of online sources and, more often than not, this procedure is manual. While this wastes company time, it is also ineffective and does not take into account the dynamic nature of collecting up-to-date adverse media threats.

    Our automated AI solution uses natural language processing techniques to monitor clients in the context of global media sources. Only those cases which are relevant to your business risk are presented for analysis. By filtering out the noise, such as unrelated media or media which shows clients in a positive light, we radically reduce processing time.

    The collection of adverse media should not be a manual chore, with largely irrelevant results. Rather, let us take the burden out of your compliance, with our modern computing tools, which save you time, while securing your business from threats.

    Transaction Monitoring

    For continuous alerts which stop criminals in their tracks

    Money laundering is nothing new, yet still a very real threat to your business today. Suspicious financial activity is all too common and difficult to identify without the assistance of an expert party dedicated to tracking unusual transactions.

    Detect indicators of potential money laundering in real-time, with our AI-powered system, which is tailored to your particular business case. Our solution continually identifies unusual financial activity with ease, allowing you the opportunity to further investigate only truly suspicious behaviour.

    Screen payments in real-time and block irregular payments, ensuring that straight-through processing is maximised, so as not to lose valuable time. Use whitelisting to further reduce false positives, so that alerts are as relevant as possible.

    Take advantage of the latest in modern AI computation, automating your system so as to catch money launderers red-handed, before they become a serious risk to the future of your business.